How much does it cost to file Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 in Georgia?

questionChapter 7 Bankruptcy


To file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, I charge $1,250.00. (This includes everything: attorney fees, court filing fees, and both classes.  Other firms may try to lure you in by quoting only their attorney fees).  They leave out the $306  court filing fee (which increases to 335 June 1st) and the cost for the class.  I would rather tell you the total amount upfront.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


In emergency situations like a garnishment, we can file your Chapter 13 case for $100.00 ($75.00 to file the case and $25.00 for the credit counseling class.  You must pay the remaining $206.00 within 60 days of your filing date).

As a general rule, I charge $330.00 to file Chapter 13 ($281 is your filing fee -the court is increasing this to310 and $20 is for your class).

If you file your case for $100.00 and agree to pay the rest of the filing fee in installments to the court, your case will be automatically dismissed if you miss a single installment.  It is much safer for you to pay the entire filing fee upfront.

I file cases only in the Northern District of Georgia in the Rome and Atlanta Divisions.

You may see some other attorneys advertise that they will file your case for $75.  The truth is that your filing fee for the bankruptcy court  is $281.00 (increasing to 310 June 1st) no matter who you file with.

Furthermore, you have to take a consumer credit counseling course BEFORE YOU FILE YOUR CASE and while there might be cheaper classes out there, $20.00 is the cheapest class I have found.  When you hire me, I am going to be completely honest and upfront with you. In a Chapter 13, your attorneys fees are paid through your monthly chapter 13 plan payment. Attorneys fees in Chapter 13 vary from case to case.


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