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Bankruptcy – Can you wipe out bad checks in a Georgia Bankruptcy?

By Jeffrey Kelly | July 1, 2009

No.  Bankruptcy does not protect you from criminal prosecution for writing bad checks.  In fact, bankruptcy does not protect you from any criminal prosecution. I spoke with a client in my Rome Georgia office a few weeks ago who wrote some bad checks to a local grocery store. She told me that she was buying […]

Should I Get a Cosigner for My Loan?

By Jeffrey Kelly | June 24, 2009

Getting a cosigner in Georgia to obtain a loan is always a bad idea. If anything happens to you, your cosigner will left holding the bag.

Bankruptcy – Is My spouse Going To Be Affected By My Filing?

By Jeffrey Kelly | June 19, 2009

When filing bankruptcy in Georgia, if your spouse is not listed with you on any debts, their credit score will not be affected by your filing. Before you file bankruptcy, make a list of every debt you have and go over the list with your spouse. Ask them if they remember signing a contract for […]

Georgia Bankruptcy – After Discharge, Can the Unsecured Creditors Sue Me?

By Jeffrey Kelly | June 19, 2009

If your Georgia bankruptcy case has been discharged, none of your creditors can ever come after you.  Every single unsecured creditor that you  have listed in your case is barred from ever making any attempt to collect from you again.  If they do, they can be held liable by the  Georgia Bankruptcy Court for violating […]

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