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The Meeting of Creditors (341 Hearing)

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Meeting of Creditors; 341 Meeting Attorney in Rome, Georgia

You or someone you know may be thinking of filing for bankruptcy to address financial problems. Debtors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are obliged to attend the meeting of creditors, commonly known as the 314 hearing. At the meeting, you will undergo a thorough interrogation with the trustee. 

In these cases, consulting with an experienced bankruptcy attorney is a wise decision. An excellent bankruptcy lawyer’s experience enables them to predict the possible questions that will be thrown to you during the meeting. 

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Why do I need a 341 Meeting Attorney in Georgia?

The sorts of questions you might expect at your 314 hearing are all about the verification of facts. In general, creditors do not attend this hearing. However, in other situations, they are authorized to participate and ask questions as they do so. Most of the time, creditors appear in this hearing when you owe taxes, car loans, repayment of unsecured debts, and among others. If you have your attorney there, it will be less of a burden on you because he or she will be with you during the meeting and will handle any relevant concerns with the creditor on your behalf.

In selecting your 314 Meeting Attorney in Georgia, consider the following qualities:

  • Excellent feedback. You must check the consumer comments and reviews, just like any other service form. When a practitioner receives negative comments about their services, you will have little trust and confidence in them. Choose a bankruptcy business with a track record of providing customers with the utmost responsibility, integrity, justice, and aims at clients' satisfaction.
  • Substantial experience. Notable experience is measured not by the quantity of cases handled, but by the number of successfully handled bankruptcy cases throughout the years. Before selecting a bankruptcy attorney, you should exhaustively investigate their reputation. Many cases do not correspond to outstanding service. Rather, you should choose someone who has extensive years of experience with effective legal assistance. 
  • Values your time. Your time is valuable, and your lawyer should respect it. You don't deserve to wait for too long. Consider a bankruptcy law firm that can respond in less than 10 minutes. 

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What is the Meeting of Creditors?

Meeting of Creditors All debtors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy must attend the 314 hearing and meet with the appointed trustee. The trustee verifies the debtor's information, such as identity, and asks pertinent questions about the bankruptcy documents during this meeting. Creditors are sometimes permitted to attend and may inquire about financial matters to the debtor as well.

If you are worried about the meeting, you are not alone. Many debtors experience the same. But in most cases, meetings are quick and straightforward. To have a background, here are the following points to keep in mind to maintain confidence in the meeting:

  • Know how to plan for the meeting
  • What you should bring
  • The location of the hearing
  • The possible questions to be asked.
  • What happens if creditors are permitted to attend

In Chapter 7, debtors receive measurable discharge 60 days after the trustee dismisses the hearing. For Chapter 13, debtors must have a debt repayment plan to be approved at the confirmation hearing. 

What To Bring

Typically, the verifying documents are to be provided to you prior to the 314 Hearing. In most cases, the documents are paycheck stubs, retirement statements, bank statements, and income tax returns. Some bankruptcy trustees asks for further requirements. These documents can be submitted to the bankruptcy court as well. In the 314 Hearing, you should not forget to bring the following:

  • Valid photo I.D. 
  • The proof of your Social Security number, such as your Social Security card.
  • Any valid document that will enshrine the financial chance after you file the bankruptcy petition.

You can also bring with you the other relevant compilation of bankruptcy paperwork, along with the necessary documents ordered by the trustee. If you are a bit confused about the bankruptcy process and 314 Hearing, it is indeed crucial to consult with a lawyer.

Duration Of The 314 Hearing

The trustee in bankruptcy will ask a set of questions pertaining to the matters and issues that need more clarification. Once the bankruptcy trustee touches your case, things will move quickly. If creditors are permitted to attend, their questions are relatively short. In the case when they are not permitted to attend the meeting, they can set another date with the debtors. Usually, the 314 hearing will last for 10 minutes or less.

Common Questions Asked

The bankruptcy trustee will ask a series of questions about each debtor. The trustee will make clarification on a specific financial or debt problem in your case. Commonly, the questions are as follows:

  • Have you reviewed your schedule and petition in bankruptcy before filing them to court?
  • Is all information provided in your petition for bankruptcy accurate and true to the best of your knowledge?
  • Did you disclose all assets and liabilities you have?
  • Did you put all your creditors on the list?
  • Have you ever filed for bankruptcy before?
  • After bankruptcy filing, has anything changed?
  • Were you obliged to make payments on domestic support such as child support or alimony?
  • Were you able to file your tax returns before the deadline?
  • Have you paid more than $600 in debt to any of your creditors in the recent year?
  • Is there anyone who owes you money for whatever reason?

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If this is your first time filing for bankruptcy, the process might be challenging and difficult. Especially if you have been ordered to the 314 Hearing. In these cases, you should take the guidance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. It is normal to be unsure about which bankruptcy firm to choose at this time. But it is highly beneficial to keep in mind the salient qualities that a firm should have – experienced, reputable, and values your time.

In Georgia, the Law Office of Jeffrey B. Kelly will leave you no disappointments. We thoroughly handle cases personally, and we exude greater excellence in providing our legal help. You deserve to break free from your debt, and we will fight for you! Other than bankruptcy, immigration and personal injury is one of our legal services. If you or someone you know is in need of those, have a free case evaluation with us today!

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