Bankruptcy and the frog

Bankruptcy and Frogs


As I got into my car early one morning to head to work, I noticed I had an unexpected little friend on my dashboard.  I wondered to myself, “How in the world did this little guy end up in my car?”

I had not left the car open all night.  I had not left the windows down at all.  How in the world did this frog end up inside my car?

The truth is that sometimes, life circumstances will carry us to some strange places.  Sometimes, we end up in places that we never imagined.

My poor little frog friend tried so hard to jump to freedom.  However, no matter how hard he pressed up against the glass, he was going nowhere.

I could not resist.  I had to show him to my kids first before I set him free.

Later that morning, I sat down with a potential client.  “I have no idea how I have ended up in this place in my life.”  I thought about the frog.

“I have worked two jobs for years but cannot make a dent into this debt.  The compound interest is a killer.”  I thought about the frog and the windshield.

The he says to me, “I feel like a frog trapped on dashboard but blocked by the windshield from jumping to freedom.”  I am just kidding.  I totally made that part up.

The good news for people in debt is that Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be able to set you free.

Chapter 13 is a great tool for catching up past due mortgage payments, past due car payments, stopping foreclosures, stopping repossessions, and other situations.  Many people like to refer to Chapter 13 as the “catch your breath” provision of the Bankruptcy Code.   In contrast, Chapter 7 is a great tool for eliminating debt and getting a fresh start.

It does not cost you anything to come to my office and talk with me about your situation.  I have the best staff on planet earth.  Everyone in my office is very easy to talk with.

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