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Bankruptcy Basics in Georgia

Modern society is fast-paced. Consumers can easily get what they want immediately, in some cases within minutes. However, legal matters are often a different story. Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy cannot be handled instantly online. Instead, it requires at least one in-person meeting with an attorney to get a case filed.  However, my office has made the process as smooth and stress-free as the law allows.

Getting Help for a Bankruptcy Case

Most people who contact my office aren’t even sure if bankruptcy is right for them.  If you call my office, we’ll offer you a free consultation even if you aren’t sure if bankruptcy is right for you.  Our attorneys will listen to your story and offer all of the possible solutions–sometimes it’s Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and other times it may be a non-bankruptcy option.  But we can’t help you if you don’t call, so the first step is calling my office and getting a time to talk with an experienced attorney.

In many instances, we may have an attorney available to talk to you on the spot, or be able to call you back that same day to give you the advice to let you sleep at night.

Initial Steps to Bankruptcy

Without question, the first step to fixing any debt problem is to call my office and speak with an attorney.  However, once you’ve made the decision to file a bankruptcy, you can expect the timing of filing to depend greatly on your personal circumstances.  Many people call me with an urgent problem, and there are times when somebody calls me for the first time and files a bankruptcy on the very same day.  Other times, it may be less urgent, or may even benefit you to wait. In either case, my firm will give you advice tailored to your circumstances and schedule.

As I mentioned, there is no scenario where you will not have to come into the office at least once.  If your problem is urgent, we will schedule you to come into the office to sign all of the paperwork as soon as possible.  This appointment usually takes between 1 and 2 hours. Not everyone will need to come in urgently, and in most circumstances we can work with your schedule easily to make the process painless.

Once you’ve signed paperwork and the case is filed, all collection activity is automatically stopped.  If a creditor is trying to garnish you, or foreclose on your house, or repossess your car–all of that will immediately stop once a case is filed.  You will even notice immediately that all of those annoying phone calls will stop.

How long does it take to file for Bankruptcy?

Not every case is cut and dry. Some people call expecting that they need a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and may be a better fit for Chapter 13, or maybe even bankruptcy isn’t their best option. From the time you make the first call to my office to the time you end up filing, you are in control of the process.  If you need to file urgently, we will give you advice and accommodate that timeline; if you are not in a hurry and need time to think, we will not pressure you to file a case that you are not ready to file. I take pride that my office gives advice to clients to maximize their success, not the firm’s success.

How Bankruptcy Affects Credit Scores

Many people who come to me are concerned about their credit score and are afraid to file because they are worried that their credit will be negatively affected.  Although it’s true that a bankruptcy on your credit may negatively affect your credit score, it is also the first step to improving your credit. It is difficult or impossible to build good credit when you have negative items that trash your credit each month.  Bankruptcy could give you the “fresh start” your credit needs to begin building good credit.

Talking to a Knowledgeable Attorney

Have you become burdened by debt that keeps getting deeper? Get relief from the stress of owing money by making an appointment with a bankruptcy attorney. Contact the Law Office of Jeffrey B. Kelly at (770) 637-1756 to schedule a time to talk about your situation. Within a short period of time, you may be on track to improve your financial health.