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Bankruptcy Can Help You Fine Tune Your Life

Can bankruptcy help you fine tune your life like a guitar?  Absolutely!

Yesterday, I was playing guitar with my son.  His guitar was way out of tune.  The sound just irritated my ears.  Twang…….the notes just did not flow together.   Every time he tried to play his guitar, it just did not sound right.  He was getting frustrated because he knew all the chords.  His mechanics were perfect but the sound was not.  His guitar needed some fine tuning.  After we got it tuned, the song flowed perfectly.

The Twang Sound Continued

The next day at my office, I heard a potential bankruptcy client tell me about how her creditors were calling her at least 20 times a day.  Twang…..that just didn’t sound right.  In addition, she explained how a creditor was threatening to serve a collection lawsuit on her while she was at work.  I could here that twang again.  Because of all the debt pressure, she was having trouble sleeping at night.  The icing on the cake was that she was a few months behind on her mortgage payment and the bank was threatening to start foreclosure proceedings.  She was working fifty hours per week at her full time job.  She had cut up her credit cards two years ago.  She did not go to movies and she never ate out but with compounded interest rates of more than 25 percent on her credit cards, she could not get the debt under control.  She needed these debts tuned out of her life.

The Song Could Sound Better

Bankruptcy stops the collection calls.  Is that song sounding better already?  Bankruptcy stops all of the collection lawsuits.  In a Chapter 13 repayment plan, the past due mortgage payments can be spread out over the life of the plan and the foreclosure can be stopped.  Both Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 can eliminate credit card and medical debts.

You never know until you investigate.  Bankruptcy might make the song of your life sound a lot better.

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