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Bankruptcy – How Long Does It Take To Get My Case Filed?

In emergency situations, it does not take long to get your bankruptcy case filed. If I have room in my schedule, I can get your Georgia bankruptcy case filed the same day you come into my Rome Office. However, if you have an emergency filing, you need to plan on spending the entire day in my office while we prepare your bankruptcy petition. We file all of our bankruptcy cases on the electronic system. We can file a bankruptcy any time of day as long as the court system has not been shut down for maintenance.

In most situations, my Georgia clients like to take a week or two before they make the decision to file. I don’t believe in pressuring anyone to file. If you ever feel like a bankruptcy attorney is pressuring you to file bankruptcy, find another attorney.

Most clients will come to my office for a 30-45 minute interview where we go over all of the debts, assets, and all of your income. We make every effort possible to minimize your time in the waiting room.  It is extremely rare for anyone to have to wait more than five minutes past their appointment time. Every now and then, we have emergency situations that put us behind schedule but these are rare.

During our meeting, I have a long list of questions I like to go through with you. I want to give my clients enough time to give me all of the background information that has led to the case filing. During your initial free consultation, I will be looking for potential pitfalls in your case. If I find any, I will explain them to you in great detail.

Once a client decides to file, we will set up a two hour sign appointment. I am a firm believer that anyone who is considering filing bankruptcy should carefully review every single page of the petition with their bankruptcy attorney. If some bankruptcy attorney tries to rush you through the process, you are being set up up for disaster. You should not be made to feel like a hamburger in fast food joint. When you sign a bankruptcy petition, you are signing it under penalty of perjury. Your neck is on the line. Take your time! In my opinion, the most important part of the petition is your list of creditors. You must make sure that every single creditor you have is listed on the petition. You are required by law to list them all. Even if you are cosigned on a debt, you must list it as well.

In some situations, clients need to get a case number as soon as possible. For example, if the car creditor says to you, “I am going to repo the car tomorrow,” you will need a case number today to prevent tomorrow’s repo.

Some bankruptcy attorneys will file a front page petition. I will not. A front page bankruptcy petition is basically your name and address. You get a case number but you must file the rest of the petition within a short period or your case will get dismissed. Rather than running the risk of you not being able to make back into my office before the deadline, I would rather get it all done in one day so that we know we have a case that will work well when it is filed.

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