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Bankruptcy in the Time of COVID-19

During times when we are doing our best to flatten the curve of a novel pandemic, it’s important to practice social distancing. Unfortunately, for many who might be looking at the prospect of filing for bankruptcy, this creates a unique problem.

In the state of Georgia, filing for Bankruptcy was something that is only done in person. As we take more and more time away from public spaces, in-person filing and signing is nearly impossible to achieve. This is because the documents themselves needed to be signed in person.

Luckily, recent developments show that the State has thought of these concerns and is acting accordingly.

Remote Filing is Now Possible

Georgia wants to help make it a little easier for everyone to do the right thing and remain at home. As such, they made it possible to file and sign for bankruptcy at home without ever needing to step into the courthouse.

Unfortunately, there are necessary meetings, such as the 341 Meeting of Creditors, that still lack clearance to take place in a remote setting. New changes are made every day and, as a lawyer and citizen, I hope this is something they change in the near future.

While this process is far from perfect, in this time of great need, each new exception makes filing for bankruptcy just a little bit easier.

Should I File For bankruptcy?

There are several reasons you may consider bankruptcy. Perhaps it was on your radar before the coronavirus outbreak, perhaps it is a new pathway you discovered while dealing with unexpected financial hardships.

With the economic challenges that present with COVID-19— missed work, reduced or eliminated income, and potentially long lasting medical expenses for those affected— many look into bankruptcy as an option to regain control of their finances.

Here’s the thing: bankruptcy is not the right choice for everyone. Talking to an attorney before you file is integral to your decision making process. Not only are there different types of bankruptcy to consider, but there are some cases where filing for bankruptcy may be a step in the wrong direction.

I understand how difficult it is to make this decision on your own because there is a lot of information on the internet. Not only that, but a simple misunderstanding of the law could result in a botched job.

This is why I offer a free consultation with individuals who are thinking about bankruptcy.I can help you decide if bankruptcy is your best option, which type of file for, and even address any special circumstances you may experience.

If you decide bankruptcy is the option you need, we schedule a 1-2 hour appointment, done remotely through Zoom. That’s where we go over your situation in detail (and in plain english).

Bankruptcy is a Permanent Solution

You don’t want to make the decision to file for bankruptcy without all the right information upfront. This is a permanent legal decision with a long-lasting impact on your financial health lasting up to ten years.

Making a positive impact on the lives of others is why I opened up the Jeffery B. Kelly Law Office— I want to make sure each one of our clients leaves in a better position than when they came in and my staff feels the same.

Our team is effective and responsive to your questions, helping you file and complete your bankruptcy without having to worry about confusion or legal jargon. Give us a call today at 770-637-1756 to find out how we can help.