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Bankruptcy Is Not As Scary As You May Think

HalloweenHalloween is almost here.  Some people are scared to death.  Who can blame them with all of these scary looking people like the ones in this picture walking around?  For others, Halloween is a day of fun.  Who doesn’t like parties along with trick or treating?  I believe that your experience of Halloween depends on your attitude about it.

You can bury your head under your pillow and wait for the day to pass.  On the other hand, you can embrace the day for a positive outcome.

Bankruptcy is the same way.  For some, they see it as the end.  Many people think that they will lose everything they own if they file bankruptcy.  This seems to be the attitude that is reinforced by people who know absolutely nothing about bankruptcy.  Ironically, many people wait until after they lose most of their of stuff before filing.  You will not end up living in a cardboard box.  The vast majority of people who file bankruptcy keep everything they own.

A New Beginning With Bankruptcy

The truth is that most people will experience bankruptcy as a chance for a new beginning.  The harassing credit collection phone calls will stop.  The threatening letters from bill collectors will stop.  All of the collection lawsuits will stop.  The Repo man has to leave your car alone after your case is filed.

Chapter 13 allows you to stop the foreclosure of your house and pay back the arrears over time.  Chapter 13 also allows you to stop the repossession of your car.  Chapter 7 allows you to eliminate your debt and get a new start.

Many famous people throughout history have used bankruptcy as a chance to overcome hardship and move on with a new start.  Did you know that Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Larry King, Donald Trump and Kim Bassinger filed bankruptcy?

Don’t let the boogeyman scare you.  Go meet with a local bankruptcy attorney and explore all of your options.

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