Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - Squeezing Into A Case Is A Bad Idea

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Squeezing Into A Case Is A Bad Idea

Some people just are not meant for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  However, even though their car won’t fit into the space, some people demand that their attorney file their Chapter 7 case anyway so that they can get their opportunity for a fresh start.  A small number of people will meet with one bankruptcy attorney who rejects their case and then move on to a new bankruptcy attorney but withhold information in hopes that this new attorney will file their case.  Horrible plan!  Trying to squeeze into Chapter 7 is always a bad idea.

We have all seen some people try to squeeze a car into a space where it was never meant to fit.  The car gets scraped.  You can’t get out of the car because there is not enough room to open the door.  You get dirty looks when people walk by.  Someone might even stop and take a picture with their cell phone of your bad park job.

Don’t Be That Bad Park Job!

You don’t want to be the bad park job in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  If you make make too much money to qualify for Chapter 7, don’t stretch the truth about your income that you have earned during the six month period before your case is filed.  You need to show your attorney evidence of all of your income.  Your attorney needs to know about that second job you have been working on the weekends.  Your attorney needs to know about that money you took out of your 401k to make ends meet.  That financial gift that a family member gave you could be large enough mess up your numbers on the median income test.

Don’t withhold any information from your bankruptcy attorney.  If you do, you will get yourself and your bankruptcy attorney into hot water with the United States Bankruptcy Trustee.  When a person tries to pull a a fast one and slide into a Chapter 7, the U.S. Trustee will not hesitate to lower the boom.

Stretching the Truth in Bankruptcy Court Will Land You in Jail.

Everyone who enters a 341 Meeting of Creditors in bankruptcy court will see a big red sign that warns consumers the bankruptcy fraud will be prosecuted.  This means jail for violators.  They are not playing around!  It’s not worth it.

Tell your bankruptcy attorney the complete truth so that you won’t have any problems with the Trustee.

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