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Dalton Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? Attorney Gives 3 Tips For Success

During the past few weeks in Dalton, Georgia, I’ve seen an increase in Chapter 13 bankruptcy issues. Perhaps it is the struggle of the Dalton carpet industry that is the source of these bankruptcy issues.  Maybe it is the high unemployment rate in Dalton and the large number of foreclosures that have taken place in Whitfield county and the surrounding areas.  Regardless, my office seems to be receiving an increase in Chapter 13 cases from the Dalton area.

While my main office is located in Rome, Georgia, I also have a satellite office in Dalton on West Crawford Street (I also have satellite offices in Dallas and Cartersville as well).  To help our many Dalton bankruptcy clients who are interested in investigating whether Chapter 13 might be a good option to resolving their bill problems, I’ve listed three tips for a successful bankruptcy case.

1.  Educate Yourself Before the Appointment.  In my website, I have written over 150 articles on the subject of consumer bankruptcy.  Reading up on the subject before the appointment will help you ask good questions as to how the laws apply to your specific situation.  Hopefully, these articles will help dispel any misinformation about bankruptcy that you may have heard from friends or coworkers.  On the lower right hand side of my homepage, there is search box where you can type in your question to see if I’ve written an article on your question.  If you can’t find it, please email me your question and I will try to write an article that addresses your general question.

2.  Make a list of all your debts.  In this list, we need the name of your creditors, the mailing address, the account number and how much you owe.  Credit reports are a great source of this type of information but the problem is that some creditors in the Dalton area won’t report to any credit agency.  For example, many finance companies and small car lots will never report to any credit agency.  You and your stack of bills are the best source of a creditor list for your bankruptcy case.

3.  Collect your paystubs for the past six months and take a look at your monthly expenses. When we meet, I will help you analyze your income flow and your monthly expenses.  With this analysis, we will be able to come up with a Chapter 13 plan that works for you.

I look forward to meeting with you soon.

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