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Are you a bad person if you file bankruptcy?

Surfin' ToddlerWhen my first daughter was just a little thing, she would say, “Noni! Noni!” whenever she did not approve of something.  I thought it was so cute.  Like many parents do, I started saying it as well.

Fast forward many years later.  I still say “Noni! Noni!” and my daughter does not.  In my family setting, this is acceptable.  In public, not so much.

I recently attended the Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints game.  At one very tense part of the game, the running back for the Saints started to break away from Falcon defenders.

Without thinking, I yelled as loud as I could, “Noni! Noni!”

A young gentleman sitting next to me then gave me an odd look and said, “Did you just say noni noni?”

At the time, I could not think of any adequate way to defend myself so I just answered him, “yes.”

Some of the little sayings we pick up in life are funny.  Some are not.

The little saying I hate the most is “people who file bankruptcy are bad.”  I hate this saying not only because it is not true but I see the hurt and pain people carry on themselves because of it.

So many of my appointments with people start off like this,

“I hate being here.  This means I’m a bad person and I feel awful about filing bankruptcy.”  I keep a box of tissue in my office because so many people cry during their first meeting.

Are you a bad person because you had cancer and now your medical bills are so high that its impossible to pay them off in this lifetime?  Are you a bad person because your former spouse ran up your credit cards without you knowing and then left you high and dry?  Are you a bad person because the place where you have been working at for the past 20 years closed its doors?

My answer to all of these questions is, “Noni! Noni! Noni!”

Sometimes economic disaster comes into your life through no fault of your own.  In many cases, bankruptcy is the best option to get through it.  If its not the best option, my associates and I will tell you in specific detail why its not.  We shoot straight with you.  This is why our clients love us and we have a high referral rate.

If you have debt issues, call us today for your free consultation.

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