Top 10 Myths About Filing Bankruptcy in Georgia - Free Consultation

Top 10 Myths About Georgia Bankruptcy

Georgia Bankruptcy

Myth #1:  I can’t afford to meet with an attorney.

Truth: A free consultation with me about bankruptcy does not cost you any money.  I will go over your income and budget to help you come up with a plan that works.

Myth #2:  I can’t file without hurting my spouse’s credit.

Truth:  Your spouse does not have to file with you.  If you are not joint on any debts, your bankruptcy filing will not have an effect on your spouse.

Myth #3: I am going to lose everything I own.

Truth: With Georgia exemptions, most people who file bankruptcy keep everything they own.

Myth #4: The creditors won’t accept my case.

Truth: We don’t need the permission of your creditors.

Myth #5: I signed a contract with a creditor agreeing that I can’t file bankruptcy against them.

Truth: This contract has no power to prevent you from filing against any creditor.  We can tell them to stuff it.

Myth #6: The creditor is going to take my car.

Truth:  The automatic stay prevents your creditor from taking your car.  As long as you keep insurance on the car and keep your Chapter 13 payments current, the Court will not allow the creditor to take your car.  If you are current on your car payments and you file Chapter 7, you can reaffirm the car.  A reaffirmation agreement basically says that you are going to treat the car debt as if you have never filed against them.

Myth #7:  Bankruptcy will ruin my credit forever.

Truth:  Not forever.  Yes, bankruptcy will damage your credit but so do lawsuits, repossessions and foreclosures.  Bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for a period of time, and you can rebuild your credit after bankruptcy. Think about all the famous people who filed and recovered.

Myth #8.  The trustee will come to my house and I will be embarrassed.

Truth: I have been practicing in this field of law since 1998.  I have filed thousands of bankruptcy cases and I have never known the trustee to go to any one’s house.

Myth #9: I will never be able to buy a house after I file.

Truth: You can buy a house after you rebuild your credit.

Myth #10: I can’t file without my spouse’s permission.

Truth: You do not need your spouse’s permission to file.

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