When will the mortgage company foreclose on my house in Georgia?

When Will My House be Foreclosed on in Georgia?

The answer to “when will the house be foreclosed on in Georgia” is that it depends on your mortgage company. Some companies move really fast. Other take up a year before they get around to finally conducting the foreclosure sale in Georgia.

Here is what the mortgage company must do in Georgia to foreclose on your house.  First, they must advertise your house for four weeks prior to the foreclosure date.  In all likelihood, you will receive a flood of advertisements once your house is being advertised. Pay attention to the mail you receive. A few months ago, I met with a man that lived in Hiram Georgia whose wife was hiding the mail from him. She was so stressed out that she did not open the mail. As a result, their house got foreclosed and they didn’t even know it! Read your mail!

Normally, foreclosures are conducted the first Tuesday of each month.  Holidays can mess up this general rule.  If you are in the middle of the month and your house is not being advertised in the legal organ of your county, you have at least forty days before the foreclosure can take place because the mortgage company will have to wait until next month to begin to advertise your house.

Second, the mortgage company is required to send you notification of the foreclosure.  You should have at least four weeks notice of the foreclosure date.  Notice to you is generally accomplished by sending you a certified letter. When the mailman shows up to your house and leaves that green sticky thing on your door, don’t ignore it. Drive to your local Georgia Post Office and get that letter so that you know what is coming down the pipe.

Chapter 13 can stop the foreclosure and save your house. Take advantage of a free consultation and meet with a bankruptcy attorney.

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