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The Mortgage Company Says They Will Work With Me

The answer to this question is maybe.  If you have a foreclosure scheduled against you, you should file Chapter 13 to stop the foreclosure and save your home.  I have had so many clients where someone from the mortgage company called and told the homeowner that they would try to work something out to stop the foreclosure.  Nothing got worked out, and they lost their home.  Ask yourself this question, “If the mortgage is willing to work with me, why did they file the foreclosure action against me in the first place?”  If your mortgage company says they are going to call off the foreclosure, GET IT IN WRITING before the foreclosure date.  If you are considering Chapter 13 to the stop the foreclosure, call me today at 770-637-1756 for your free consultation.  We need time to get your paperwork prepared.  Don’t wait until the last second.