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Watch Out for Foreclosure Scams!

If someone tells you to pay them money so that they can “renegotiate your loan,” don’t do it!  There are so many scams.  Take advantage of a free consultation with an attorney and let a bankruptcy attorney review any offers you are considering.

If you want a loan modification, you can speak to your mortgage company directly.  You don’t need to pay anyone to help you with any type of loan modification.  Go to the Federal Trade Commission website and read all about the foreclosure scams. Call the FTC at 888-HOPE-NOW.

I was speaking with a client from my Dallas GA office a few months ago who was victimized by one these scams.  She actually mailed some company in Florida $600 to get her loan renegotiated.  This company did absolutely nothing for my client accept take her money.  The FTC has really started cracking down hard on these types of scams.